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Kensington Hall Gardens has been owned by its Leaseholders since 1996. The Freehold is owned by Kensington Hall Gardens Ltd, a company with liability limited by 70 shares, where each of the 70 leaseholders owns one share per flat. Some shares are preference shares; these were issued to the people who put up the money to make the purchase in 1996. The remaining are ordinary shares which are the ones that were issued to leaseholders who joined the company subsequently. 

Kensington Hall Gardens has a board of five directors. Each director is elected at the Annual General meeting (AGM), held in the Autumn each year, and serves for three years. The company’s Articles of Association specify how the company is run, how meetings are called and organised and how the elections take place. 

Kensington Hall Gardens has appointed Johnson Burke & Co Ltd as its Managing Agent. The Johnson Burke team has responsibility for the day to day running of Kensington Hall Gardens, including maintenance, management staff and contractors, and the paying of bills. Johnson Burke also handle the Licence to Assign when a flat is sold to a new leaseholder and Licences to Alter, when a leaseholder wants to make any alterations, upgrades or redecoration to their flats.

Johnson Burke & Co Ltd employ the services of a Caretaker who is based at the porters lodge (Flat 11). The caretaker collects the rubbish bags from outside each flat each weekday and Saturday, cleans the communal parts of the flats and undertakes minor maintenance.

Your contact details

It's really important that we can contact everyone that is living at, or owns a property at Kensington Hall Gardens.  This is to ensure that you are updated with relevant information about what's going on, or in case of an emergency when we may need access to your flat, for example due to a leak.  Consequently, please download the following file and send to Johnson Burke & Co Ltd, our managing agent and ensure that whenever any of your details change, you update them.   

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Street parking is controlled by Hammersmith and Fulham (lbhf) using a residents parking permit scheme. Visitors must purchase a pay and display ticket from the machine opposite the courtyard gates.

Parking is not allowed in the Kensington Hall Gardens courtyard. Under exceptional circumstances workmen and contractors may request permission to park in the courtyard by speaking to the caretaker.

Bicycles should not be chained to the courtyard railings. Kensington Hall gardens plans to install a sheltered and secure bike shelter behind block A.

House Rules

The Lease governs the behaviour that is allowed and not allowed in Kensington Hall Gardens. These rules have been summarised in the House Rules section (see tab at top of the site)

The rules cover aspects such as smoking, fire precautions, use of courtyard, balconies and terraces, security, noise and pets. 

Local Amenities

Streetmap of the area

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West Kensington is served by busses and the tube.  

There are two bus routes

The 28 bus runs from Wandsworth through Fulham, West Kensington, Kensington High Street, Notting Hill and Kilburn. For the West End and city is easy to change in Kensington High Street.  

The 391 bus runs to Hammersmith, Kew and then Richmond.

Tube: West Kensington is served by the district line with connections to the Piccadilly at stations either side; Earls Court and Barons Court.

Shops, Restaurants, Clubs & Pubs

Public Services

Public Services are provided by the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham (LBHF)