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These House Rules have been drawn up by Kensington Hall Gardens Ltd, aided by the Managing Agent.  They are based on the terms of the leases and tenancies.  These rules aim to keep Kensington Hall Gardens a pleasant place to live for all residents by respecting the peace of the other residents living here as well as the building itself.  Leaseholders should ensure that their tenants, visitors, cleaners and trades people are aware of the applicable rules. 

Service Charges

Lessees are required to pay their demands promptly to avoid the Managing Agent having to rely on the need to impose interest charges for late payment and take legal action for non-payment.


The building is insured by the freeholder. This insurance does not cover the contents of the flats.  The insurance of the contents, including third party liability and damage to other lessees’ property and contents, is the responsibility of each individual lessee. 


The lease contains certain provisions pertaining to subletting.  Ultimate responsibility for the observations of the conditions of the lease and its regulations remain with the lessee. Kensington Hall Gardens has a standard form of tenancy agreement which complies with the conditions of the lease and landlords are recommended to use this (available from the Kensington Hall Gardens website). Lessees must provide the Managing Agent and the Company with their tenant(s’) name(s) and contact details. 


Please ensure that the front doors are securely locked after entering or leaving the block. It is not permitted to prop doors open or leave them on the latch as this seriously jeopardises everyone’s’ security.  Do not open the door to anybody who buzzes the entryphone unless you are sure of the caller’s identity.  Do not allow access to anyone who asks for someone else’s apartment. 


Smoking is not permitted in the common parts. 

Fire Precautions

Residents are not permitted to leave refuse, plants, prams or any other items in the lobbies, stairways and communal areas as these areas must be kept clear of obstructions at all times. These routes form your only escape in case of fire. 

Courtyard, Balconies & Terraces

The courtyard is only to be used as a means of entrance or exit from the flats. 

·         It is not permitted to loiter, sit, sunbathe, picnic or play in or about the communal gardens, courtyard, entrances, stairs, passages or landings including the staircase balconies.

·         No cars, bicycles, prams, or any other type of vehicle (including caravans or trailers) may be left in the courtyard, the approaches, any communal garden areas or passageways adjacent to or leading to the Buildings. This applies to owners, tenants, visitors and trades people.

·         It is not permitted to hang laundry out of the windows or on the balconies or terraces of those apartments that have them. Items such as ladders should not be visible and should not be stored in these areas.

·         Occupants of apartments with a balcony, terrace or small area with surface water drainage are responsible for ensuring that the water drainage exits are not blocked. This is to avoid flooding/damp problems.

Refuse Disposal

Rubbish is collected six days a week, Monday to Saturday (except bank holidays), during the caretaker’s morning rounds.  There is NO service on a Sunday.  Rubbish should be put out before 9.00am on the day of collection only so that the caretaker can clear all rubbish from the communal areas when he undertakes his rounds. DO NOT leave rubbish out at any other time. Rubbish sacks must be left on the landings for collection, not outside flats or obstructing stairs and walkways.  All rubbish must be left in black bags or recycling bags which are provided to each flat. No liquids, sticky or messy items should be disposed of in rubbish bags left on landings.  The caretaker has been given authority to issue warning notices to residents who repeatedly ignore the refuse disposal guidelines and the Company will take action to enforce the terms of the lease.

Delivery and removal of household furniture and other bulky items

Such delivery or removals are only to be made when there is no likelihood of disturbance to other residents. Any damage to the entrance halls, stairways, the building or other common parts is the lessee’s responsibility and the cost of the repairs will be charged accordingly.  Temporary access to the courtyard is permitted by prior arrangement with the caretaker who will unlock the gate.  The only vehicles permitted to park in the courtyard are those of trades people who are working under the instructions of the Managing Agent.


Your lease prohibits any loud noise to be made in the flats between 11pm and 8am.


Pets (birds, reptiles, dogs, cats or other animals) are not allowed. 

Satellite TV

It is not permitted to install your own satellite dish. Kensington Hall Gardens Ltd has a contract with Community Vision which provides aerials and dishes to every flat.  You only need to buy a freeview box or subscribe to SKY and/or Hotbird.  If you have trouble with the quality of the signals, please advise the caretaker or call the managing agent.

Alterations, Repairs and Decorations

The Managing Agent must be contacted if you wish to carry out any alterations, repairs or decoration within your flat.  All alterations require formal consent in accordance with the terms of the lease. Alterations which affect the appearance of the property will not be permitted. Drawings and specifications should be submitted as part of the application.  The Managing Agent will put you in contact with the Freehold company's designated Surveyor so that s/he can determine what type of Licence is required to ensure that common standards of workmanship, materials and industry standards of working are followed in the interests of all concerned.  

There are three licence levels :

1.       Full Licence to Alter (which needs both Surveyor and Solicitor to be involved)

2.       An Intermediate Licence (which also needs the Surveyor and Solicitor)

3.     A Letter Licence (which needs the Surveyor only)

Consent will only be valid if it is in writing.  

Licence for Alterations are required for works such as

Replacing, adapting, amending or otherwise altering any of the service installations including (but not limited to) hot and cold water services, waste drainage systems and ventilation

  •       Fitting new wood flooring 
  •       Altering internal layouts of the flat
  •       Removing or adding any walls
  •       Carrying out any works to chimneys, flues or gas fire installations
  •       Installing any cooling or heating systems 
  •       Altering any external joinery
  •       Upgrading the electrical supply, rewiring power and lighting circuits or modifying lighting systems
  •       Introducing any alarm or detection systems, any telephones or TV aerials or cables

If granted, a formal Licence for Alteration document will be provided and this should be kept with your lease.  Appropriate insurance to cover any consequential damage to adjacent flats or common parts is required.

 If a formal licence is required, it will usually include the following conditions, where appropriate: -

·         Obtaining permissions and consents and paying necessary fees to local authorities and other statutory bodies.

·         Indemnifying the freeholder and adjacent flats against all damages or costs.

·         Restricting working hours to between 8am and 5pm on Mondays to Fridays inclusive, with no working on weekends or bank holidays.

·         All materials, rubble and equipment to be kept within the flat or to be removed completely off site.

·         All damage to the common parts to be made good or the costs met by the lessee for the Managing Agent to arrange such works.

·         Whenever contractors are working in a flat, all the necessary steps must be taken to avoid soiling the common parts.   Dustsheets should be laid outside the front door to your flat and outside the main entrance door. 

An Intermediate Licence will be required for works that normally require a formal licence, but do not include any works of structural alteration

A Letter Licence is job specific and may be used where the works are :

 Upgrading fitted furniture and fittings to kitchens and bathrooms where this DOES NOT require any modifications to be made to the existing electrical, plumbing or drainage systems.

 General redecoration

If these simple procedures are followed, many problems can be avoided.

 Lessees who rent out their flats are advised to draw these regulations to the attention of their tenants. 

Kensington Hall Gardens Company Reg: 3054218