The Board places great emphasis on the security of residents and personal property at Kensington Hall Gardens.

CCTV night-vision cameras cover both the central courtyard, the rear of the blocks and each main entrance door, with images relayed to a central digital recorder. In accordance with the data protection rules, these are stored for four weeks only and then over-written. These images can be used in a court of law to prosecute intruders.

The front entrance doors to each block are equipped with entry-phone systems and visitors should always use them to gain entrance. Residents should not let strangers in. Doors should not be propped open and residents should always ensure the doors close properly behind them.

If you see any suspicious behaviour please call the Caretaker immediately. Dial 999 if its an emergency or contact Fulham Police Station on 0300 123 1212 (24 hours a day).

The crime rate in our area of London is average and the trend is down with reported crime rates in Hammersmith & Fulham falling in the last three years – see